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Flash game size: You have only 100 day to seduce one of three fascinating girls.Here you abilities not limited with simple actions, quite the contrary, you can train yourself, earn money, date her, buy her gifts, boost up your skills, but the first and foremost she’s not an easy lay.Good quality game overall, anime like, the plot isn`t awesome but acceptable, the music is slightly repetitive but the game isn`t that long. This will allow you to choose swimming as the main preference for their workout.Looks like pretty hard to lose and the sim like management is an ornament (I really have no idea if that is possible actually). Just make sure that you watch their health and order therapy when needed.

Flash game size: MNFClub is a massively multiplayer sex game designed solely for adults.

there are some tactics required, which make the game abit more interesting, but the music is kinda repetitive... Only two objection - first you must play it twice for knowing of what stats for what discipline and wanted toget the doctor secondtime too. It`s too bad the sex scenes were limited to one position but maybe if there is a part two there can be more positions and more girls to have sex with.

But you can get "extra" only with girls on your team... Once you figure out, that candy rises happiness it is very easy game, just earn some money in the beginning and then buy one day about 15 candy and the other day all things from the gift shop and have all your girls train all the time in swimming.

Talk to all girls in Easy Town and make the adult video with each of them.

Then go home to watch it with Your girl and get her in the mood. Flash game size: “Welcome my students, my name is Aria Giovanni and I’m your new biology teacher.

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